She's Baaack!  

 Ghosts, serial killers, and evil dolls--in these eight spine-tingling tales of horror and suspense characters fight for survival...or sanity. Evil takes different forms, from serial killers to restless spirits to dolls that whisper threats in the dead of night. 


In these chilling tales each protagonist struggles with a psychological or supernatural menace. 


***A victim of a serial killer attracted to women with long hair, Loral, once again faces her cruel abductor.
***A predator lurks around the bus terminal to target innocent prey.
***The party at an old ghost town sounds like fun for a group of teenagers...until the ghosts appear.
***When a fellow author steals Darien Port's lover, he finds he's doing the man an immortal favor.
***The appearance of terrifying Harlequin dolls causes deep-rooted feelings to erupt over sibling rivalry in a deadly game of make-believe.

Each story is a battleground and explores the essence of evil, either from without...or




Mrs. Jingles and Other Tales of Horror and Suspense